Fiorino Cargo

Load capacity

Compact outside, spacious inside


Space and versatility

Up to 2.8 m³ of useful cargo volume

Compact dimensions, agile and flexible
The New Fiat Fiorino is the small van made for the city with perfect external dimensions: 3,957 m long and 1,716 m wide.

The load compartment has a regular square shape and is generously spacious from 1,52 m long up to a maximum of 2,50 m with the passenger seat folded down, 1,21 m high and 1.47 m wide, with a width between the wheel arches of 1.05 m;
Cargo volume: from 2.5 m³ to 2.8 m³ with the passenger seat folded;
Available a pivoting partition combined with a front passenger seat that can be folded down (optional), the backrest becomes a handy surface that can be used as a table.
When folded down to the floor level, offers a completely flat load compartment to carry long objects.
The floor cover contains 6 fastening hooks on the floor to retain the commodities.





Easy to load and unload

Access to the load compartment is simple and functional:
- rear access is ensured by two swing doors (40/60) that open up to 180°, with maximum width of 1140 mm and height up to 1060 mm.
- the wide sliding side door provides great accessibility of maximum width 644mm and height 1041mm, standard depending on the version
Available as an optional, 2 sliding doors

The vertical ergonomic door handles of the New Fiat Fiorino offer an excellent grip and possibility to open with either hands, which makes this Fiat Van easy to handle.

The load threshold is less than 527 mm from the ground, for easier loading and unloading.



All type of solutions to make the New Fiat Fiorino van even more practical and efficient for a commercial vehicle




To separate the cab passenger compartment from the load compartment and protect the driver from any movement or intrusion of the vehicle's load, you can choose from a range of partitions, available on request:

  • Fixed partition: paneled, glazed with central window
  • Pivoting partition: divided into two sections, fixed on the driver's side and swivel on the passenger side. When the passenger seat is folded down to floor level, the right hand section of the partition can be turned to protect the driver's side. Offers the following benefits:
    • plus 1 m in length (up to approximately 2,5 m in total)
    • plus 0,3 m³ in load compartment volume

The Fiorino is also equipped with a 9-bar tubular metal safety frame as standard to protect the driver against any load movements.

Increased payload

Increased payload

Up to 660 kg, for diesel versions on request.

Independent load compartment opening
Separate front and rear door locking, allows you to use the load compartment even when the driver's cab is locked. For greater safety during loading and unloading operations, as standard depending on the version.

Ceiling light and removable torch
Located at the side of the load compartment (optional):

  • functions as a regular ceiling light when inserted in its mount
  • becomes a handy torch when removed from the mount.

Also in the load compartment, a useful 12V power outlet (optional).

Tailor-made solution for every mission
New Fiorino is a model totally adapted to be converted for specific usage, for example, isothermic, taxi, police and mobile workshop vehicle. ​


A small van that thinks big

Complete engine range Euro 6

Complete engine range Euro 6

Petrol and diesel to suit every mission and customer driving need

Euro 6 engines offer great driving satisfaction, excellent performance, quiet running, low running costs (consumption and maintenance) in addition to reliability and environmental sustainability:

  • Petrol 1.4 Fire 77HP
  • Diesel 1.3 Multijet2 80 HP
  • Diesel 1.3 Multijet2 80 HP Ecojet
  • Diesel 1.3 MultiJet2 95 HP



Comfort-Matic robotized gearbox MTA


Comfort-Matic robotized gearbox MTA

The prompt response and precision of a manual gearbox with the benefit of not having to use the clutch pedal, just like an automatic gearbox, efficient and comfort, perfect to drive in city traffic.
Available on request, in the diesel engine 1.3 Multijet2 80 HP Ecojet, now ensures even greater performance and lower fuel consumption, you can choose the operating mode:

  • Automatic - for normal driving
  • Automatic/Economy - to reduce your fuel consumption
  • Manual - sequential.



A generous and undemanding partner


New Fiat Fiorino introduces the Diesel engines with the EcoJet version that offers a considerable reduction in terms of fuel consumption and emissions level, thanks to the Start&Stop system, “smart” alternator management and variable displacement oil pump. It makes it possible to decrease fuel consumption combined levels down to 3.8 l/100km and 100 g/km of CO2 (with robotized gearbox MTA), a saving up to 14%.
Start&Stop is the system which cuts out the engine even if you stop for a short time, at a traffic light for example, and restarts it automatically when you press the clutch pedal.


Created for Saving

Optional on the diesel engines is cruise control for more convenient driving, reduced fuel consumption and increased safety. Same advantages shared for the pre-disposition Speed block customized for fleet.

Scheduled Maintenance
Extended service intervals to make your work even more productive: with the Multijet2 diesel engines, you can benefit from scheduled maintenance every 35,000 km saving you both time and money.



Refreshed exterior with a modern and dynamic style

New front bumper and grille with ultra-shine painting silver, wheel cover 15” and alloy wheels burnished with diamond treatment 15’’ and 2 new body colors. The New Fiat Fiorino preserves the high projectors for great visibility and protection from crashes.


On-board Comfort and Functionality

The cab passengers compartment has been renewed, introducing several new elements to improve comfort and ergonomics, with totally refreshed styling features such as:

  • Steering wheel completely redesigned with radio commands integrated and available also in leather, coupled with leather gear knob offered as an option on the manual version.
  • Instrument cluster with new graphics and permanent back-lighting for improved visibility


Ergonomic for fatigue-free driving

Optimum posture and maximum driving comfort are ensured, comfortable and welcoming seats, adjustable in conjunction with the steering wheel, and now with new fabrics.
Driver's seat with headrest, backrest and longitudinal adjustment, adjustable height (standard depending on the version), lumbar support armrest and armrest (optional).
Gearbox located on the functional dashboard. ​​​



Functionality, wellbeing, safety and security so that all you need to concentrate on is your driving


New Fiorino introduces the new Radio 5’’ Colour Touchscreen, that includes: Bluetooth 2.1, audio streaming, USB 2.0, AUX & MP3 and commands on the steering wheel. The Bluetooth hands-free system allows you to make phone calls without taking your hands off the wheel. This radio can also be upgraded with the Navigation System.​​


On-board functionality

All the space you need to organise your workspace just how you like it

Several storage compartments and side panels that can contain large items such as 1 lt bottle/ A4 block notes or tablet, and a spacious glove compartment renewed to stow all your personal effects and working documents, including your laptop. Centre console with cup-holder and 12V power outlet and the innovative USB charger of 5V.
The document holder provides the ideal solution for keeping all your documents, notes and roadmaps within easy reach (optional).


On-board functionality


Climate control

For a welcoming environment, always

Manual climate control system with pollen filter assures great comfort in your work trips (optional). Excellent ventilation, due to 4 adjustable, swiveling vents. Air distribution is guaranteed by no fewer than eight vents, to demist windows quickly. ​​​​​

Climate control


Complete protection for you and your goods

Passenger compartment

Travel in tranquillity

  • The rigid passenger compartment is protected by front and rear crumple zones that absorb the energy of any impact.
  • Side strips can be easily removed, minimising repair costs (in the event of an accident), while generous bumpers without sharp edges ensure maximum protection.


Even more functional

For prices and purchase products, contact your dealer Fiat Professional dealer.


Luggage rack

Luggage rack

Painted steel complete with loading roller.
80 kg capacity.
Part no. 50902497



Load retaining block set

Part no. 50900558


3 transverse bars kit


3 transverse bars kit

Steel. 90 kg capacity.
Part no. 50902498




Removable tow hook

Max trailer weight: 1300 kg.
Part no. 50901935



Professional fixed tow hook

Max trailer weight: 1300 kg.
Part no. 50901925



Fixed tow hook

Max trailer weight: 1300 kg.
Part no. 50901968



Tow hook connection cables

7 pin
Part no. 1358655080
13 pin
Part no. 1358656080
7/13 pin
Part no. 1358653080
7+7 pin
Part no. 1358657080


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